Events At The Power Balance Pavilion

The Power Balance Pavilion located in Sacremento California hosts a variety of events throughout the years. Over 200 events are held inside the Power Balance Pavilion each year. But what makes the Power Balance Pavilion different from other venues? We think it’s because it is the perfect size to carry out all types of events!

When it first opened, the Power Balance Pavilion was the home of the Sacremento Kings. This NBA team, held all their home games in the arena. The same space was also the home of a WNBA team called the Sacramento Monarchs for some time. Other types sporting events held inside of the PowerBalance Pavilion include, NCAA Volleyball championships, NCAA Mens basketball tournaments, as well as several high school basketball championships. It has also been home to several major pay per view events held by the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), and the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) organizations.

The fun doesn’t end there however. Other exciting events to be hosted at the Power Balance Pavilion include ice skating, ice hockey, bull riding, monster truck rallys, and of course the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus. The most well attended events at the Power Balance Pavilion of the year include some big name concert headliners. Among these stars include, Prince, Bob Dylan, Usher and Taylor Swift. One of the best attended events ever was during the five-day Billy Graham Greater Sacramento Crusade, when musical guest Michael W. Smith performed.

Other very popular events in recent years have been ice shows. Several disney on ice productions are held at the area, which drive in a large crowd. Toy Story on ice was a very highly attended production. The space at the Power Balance Pavilion allow for an international regulation ice rink, which make viewing the spectacle that much better.

The Power Balance Pavilion has the impressive space, and character to maintain its status as a leader in world class events for the Sacremento area. We are very excited to see where the next fews years will lead, and hope to see you there soon!