Mariah Carey To Play In Sacramento With Lionel Richie

Great news for all the Mariah Carey Fans out there! On July 22nd she will be playing in concert with Lionel Richie at the Golden 1 Center, and we cannot wait!

In honor of her appearance, we at Power Balance Pavilion wanted to write a list of out favorite things (apart from her wonderful music) that we adore about Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey’s Diva Attitude

We totally love how much Mariah Carey knows she is a diva. She keeps things professional however, she has the swagger like a true queen of pop! In her recent performance in Time Square on New Years Eve she suffered a terrible audio malfunction, but instead of fleeing from the stage, she kept the party going. Its these times of difficulty when we see an artists true color’s, and Mariah kept things professional and carried out the show by talking to her fans.

Mariah Carey’s Fabulous Wardrobe

Man does that lady know how to dress! From her glittery shoes, to her sparkling leotards, she knows how to out on a show in style. And who can forget the episode of MTV cribs where Mariah showed off her apartment sized closet?! She even did a wardrobe change in the middle of the show, without ever stopping for a second. She said “We don’t have all the time in the World” just like the true diva that she is.

Mariah Carey’s Flawless Beauty Routine

Mariah always wants to look her best, even without makeup on. It is rumored that she’s had her eyebrows microbladed, eyeliner tattooed, and lips plumped to look her best as soon as she wakes up every morning. It is even rumored that she uses her own eyelash perm kit┬ábecause she doesn’t trust the use of fake eyelashes alone! Mariah has always had a flawless complexion due to her lovely skin tone, and she has no problems saying “I woke up like this”!

Enjoy The Performance!

If you are counting down the days until Mariah Carey’s performance with Lionel Richie, make sure to buy some great tickets, and kick back listening to the classics until then! A few of our favorite are “Always be my baby”, “Fantasy” and “We belong together”. Lionel Richie has some great classic songs as well, and we really hope they perform a duet together! Fingers crossed it is “I’ll be there”.

And from all of us at Power Balance Pavilion we hope you have an amazing time watching the queen herself perform!

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