Regulations on the use of Hoverboards

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking us what kind of personal transportation devices are allowed inside the Powerbalance Pavilion.

Let’s start by saying that you can move around the Pavilion very easily with the provided guided routes and transportation services available to Plus and Premium ticket holders.

All of the walking only routes will allow you to reach the other end of the Pavilion within 8 minutes.

Are Hoverboards Allowed?

While we understand that this may seem counterintuitive to some people, hoverboards aren’t really all that different from walking, in that, in a crowd you’re still gonna move at the same speed as everyone else. Also, we figure that if you decide to come here with your hoverboard, you are probably comfortable enough riding a hoverboard to do it in public. Of course, this is all subject to changes in the future if we think we misjudge the impact. But for now, we’re cool with hoverboards. Heck, we even have hoverboards for sale outside the pavilion!

Are Skateboards Allowed?

Skateboards are actually a little bit of a problem, as they are inertial, and you may bump into someone’s Achilles’ heel much more easily. So, at least for now, skateboards are no-go. Sorry!

Transportation Routes Instructions

The Routes currently available to transit across the Pavilion is a system of four nodes at the four corners of the Pavilion.

You can board one of our fast transport electric buses at each of the four corners, and follow the lines.

There are two directions at each note, denoted with the number of the current station plus the letters L (for Left) and R (for Right) so that you know which node you’re traveling to.

Hours of Operation of the Transport System

The fast transport electric buses are in operation every event day from 4pm till 1am. The system uses RFID cards to provide the service. You will get your RFID card with Plus or Premium-tier tickets.

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