Fun End Of Summer Activities For Families

Hey Everyone! The summer is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great time with your family! Here are the most fun things you can do as a family together while it is still hot out!

Have A Water Ballon Fight

There is nothing quite like a water ballon fight to wrap up the end of the year activities. You can grab your kiddos and invite the neighbors to have a water war! All you need to do is divide your group into two teams. Each team will have a cooler filled with balloons, and each player can also use a water gun if you want. You can choose a winning team based on who stays the driest, or who uses all their balloons first! The fun is endless

Play A New Video Game Together

The undisputed biggest video game this summer is called Player Unknowns Battle Grounds. It’s a great game to play with a family because it is very fun to watch others play. Unlike some complicated games, the objectives are really easy to follow, and fun for all ages. It’s not in wide release yet so the game can be a little slow at times. If you’re going to play as a family check out the best PUBG Settings so you can optimize the game, and reduce any slow downs.

Have A Scavenger Hunt

This one can require some major planning on the parents part- but is a ton of fun. You can do these indoors or out, and kids love em. Find an object like a favorite stuffed animal, or a trophy to be the “prize”. Then devise a list of 10 clues to help you kids find the missing item. Try to incorporate jokes or puns about the missing item, and use other props to make the game funny! Use your imagination to have a great time!

Mariah Carey To Play In Sacramento With Lionel Richie

Great news for all the Mariah Carey Fans out there! On July 22nd she will be playing in concert with Lionel Richie at the Golden 1 Center, and we cannot wait!

In honor of her appearance, we at Power Balance Pavilion wanted to write a list of out favorite things (apart from her wonderful music) that we adore about Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey’s Diva Attitude

We totally love how much Mariah Carey knows she is a diva. She keeps things professional however, she has the swagger like a true queen of pop! In her recent performance in Time Square on New Years Eve she suffered a terrible audio malfunction, but instead of fleeing from the stage, she kept the party going. Its these times of difficulty when we see an artists true color’s, and Mariah kept things professional and carried out the show by talking to her fans.

Mariah Carey’s Fabulous Wardrobe

Man does that lady know how to dress! From her glittery shoes, to her sparkling leotards, she knows how to out on a show in style. And who can forget the episode of MTV cribs where Mariah showed off her apartment sized closet?! She even did a wardrobe change in the middle of the show, without ever stopping for a second. She said “We don’t have all the time in the World” just like the true diva that she is.

Mariah Carey’s Flawless Beauty Routine

Mariah always wants to look her best, even without makeup on. It is rumored that she’s had her eyebrows microbladed, eyeliner tattooed, and lips plumped to look her best as soon as she wakes up every morning. It is even rumored that she uses her own eyelash perm kit because she doesn’t trust the use of fake eyelashes alone! Mariah has always had a flawless complexion due to her lovely skin tone, and she has no problems saying “I woke up like this”!

Enjoy The Performance!

If you are counting down the days until Mariah Carey’s performance with Lionel Richie, make sure to buy some great tickets, and kick back listening to the classics until then! A few of our favorite are “Always be my baby”, “Fantasy” and “We belong together”. Lionel Richie has some great classic songs as well, and we really hope they perform a duet together! Fingers crossed it is “I’ll be there”.

And from all of us at Power Balance Pavilion we hope you have an amazing time watching the queen herself perform!

Powerbalance Pavillion News & Events Around Sacremento

Summer is the best time of year in Sacremento! There are a ton of fun things to do with your family, so check out ur guide of upcoming events around Sacremento!

David Blaine Live

That’s right, David Blane himself is coming to Sacremento! His show will be presented by Live Nation at the Community Center Theater this June! You’ll finally be able to pry that hoverboard out your your sons fingers, by taking him to see america’s favorite magician.

David Blane is so great because he doesn’t rely on illusion or cheap tricks to pull off his shows. He is truly a master of transforming his body and performs amazing feats. I’ve even seen him put an ice pick through his hand- no joke! Check him out on un 4, 2017 at 08:00 pm to see this amazing show!

Sacramento Music Festival 2017

If you love Jazz, you wont wanna miss the Sacramento Music Festival!  It’s a one-of-a-kind music experience in the festive streets of Old Sacramento, and takes place on Memorial Day weekend! The Sacramento Music Festival is a awesome four-day, all-day celebration. They will have 100  performances, street dancers, animated parades, and yummy food all in one place. You won’t wanna miss this amazing sacremento traditional event!

8th Annual Vettes and Vets and American Muscle Car Show

And finally, everyone knows summer is the best season for car shows!  That is why you should check out the California Automobile Museum for their FREE car show! It’s an event that honors the servicemen and women who have served our military!

They’ll have a deejay will be spinning classic summer music, and food vendors throughout the day! A day full of fun American-made muscle cars and Corvettes from all generations awaits you at this awesome show!

There you have it, our Power Balance favorites for summer of 2017! Hope you have a blast!

Pomade Convention

Pomade Convention

Today we’re excited to announce our new event coming up on Monday July 3rd, 2017.

We’re going to be hosting the very first pomade convention at the Pavilion. It will feature all of the top pomade brands from Suavecito to Imperial to Layrite.

Come check out the pomades, try them on, talk to the experts and figure out the best pomade for your hairdo.

We’re going to set up 50 booths on the main space, as well as common areas for our expert barbers to give live haircuts and presentations, showing us their amazing technique and illustrating how they use different pomades for different hair types and hair styles.

The convention is mainly catered to professionals in the hair industry (barbers, coiffeurs, salon owners) but anyone and everyone is welcome!

So, join us starting at 3pm on Monday July 3rd for an afternoon of fun, music and.. pompadours!

For more information, don’t forget to contact us.

This event is going to be sponsored by Tom Hailey of

Regulations on the use of Hoverboards

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking us what kind of personal transportation devices are allowed inside the Powerbalance Pavilion.

Let’s start by saying that you can move around the Pavilion very easily with the provided guided routes and transportation services available to Plus and Premium ticket holders.

All of the walking only routes will allow you to reach the other end of the Pavilion within 8 minutes.

Are Hoverboards Allowed?

While we understand that this may seem counterintuitive to some people, hoverboards aren’t really all that different from walking, in that, in a crowd you’re still gonna move at the same speed as everyone else. Also, we figure that if you decide to come here with your hoverboard, you are probably comfortable enough riding a hoverboard to do it in public. Of course, this is all subject to changes in the future if we think we misjudge the impact. But for now, we’re cool with hoverboards. Heck, we even have hoverboards for sale outside the pavilion!

Are Skateboards Allowed?

Skateboards are actually a little bit of a problem, as they are inertial, and you may bump into someone’s Achilles’ heel much more easily. So, at least for now, skateboards are no-go. Sorry!

Transportation Routes Instructions

The Routes currently available to transit across the Pavilion is a system of four nodes at the four corners of the Pavilion.

You can board one of our fast transport electric buses at each of the four corners, and follow the lines.

There are two directions at each note, denoted with the number of the current station plus the letters L (for Left) and R (for Right) so that you know which node you’re traveling to.

Hours of Operation of the Transport System

The fast transport electric buses are in operation every event day from 4pm till 1am. The system uses RFID cards to provide the service. You will get your RFID card with Plus or Premium-tier tickets.

Events At The Power Balance Pavilion

The Power Balance Pavilion located in Sacremento California hosts a variety of events throughout the years. Over 200 events are held inside the Power Balance Pavilion each year. But what makes the Power Balance Pavilion different from other venues? We think it’s because it is the perfect size to carry out all types of events!

When it first opened, the Power Balance Pavilion was the home of the Sacremento Kings. This NBA team, held all their home games in the arena. The same space was also the home of a WNBA team called the Sacramento Monarchs for some time. Other types sporting events held inside of the PowerBalance Pavilion include, NCAA Volleyball championships, NCAA Mens basketball tournaments, as well as several high school basketball championships. It has also been home to several major pay per view events held by the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), and the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) organizations.

The fun doesn’t end there however. Other exciting events to be hosted at the Power Balance Pavilion include ice skating, ice hockey, bull riding, monster truck rallys, and of course the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus. The most well attended events at the Power Balance Pavilion of the year include some big name concert headliners. Among these stars include, Prince, Bob Dylan, Usher and Taylor Swift. One of the best attended events ever was during the five-day Billy Graham Greater Sacramento Crusade, when musical guest Michael W. Smith performed.

Other very popular events in recent years have been ice shows. Several disney on ice productions are held at the area, which drive in a large crowd. Toy Story on ice was a very highly attended production. The space at the Power Balance Pavilion allow for an international regulation ice rink, which make viewing the spectacle that much better.

The Power Balance Pavilion has the impressive space, and character to maintain its status as a leader in world class events for the Sacremento area. We are very excited to see where the next fews years will lead, and hope to see you there soon!

The future of the Powerbalance Pavilion

There are a lot of different ways that the Powerbalance Pavilion has benefited its community for the past few years.

When you have entertainment, the city becomes more and more fun. And the bigger and more famous the venues a city provides, the more the chances that your favorite artist will pay a stop.

This is why, with the future of the Powerbalance Pavilion in jeopardy, we feel like it’s important to rekindle the spirit of community that made America great, for our chance to survive and to keep providing high quality entertainment.

Make sure to check out our contacts for information, or if you wanna get in touch for partnerships.